June 1, 2021


Yext Local Business Listings

Business citations have become extremely important for businesses trying to get found over their competition in recent years. Yext local business listings are an easy way to get that edge over your competition and make sure you can be found everywhere across the internet. Online presence is crucial when it comes to the growth of your company and you need to have quality business listings. Yext makes it easy to reach a vast audience with very little work. For people running our marketing CRM, Pandarus, you can add on this great service for just $50/month

What Are Local Directories?

It doesn't matter if you want to call them local business listings, business citations or local directories; in the end they all are referring to the same thing. So to keep it simple, they are all referring to putting your business information on each website or "directory" so your potential customers can find you on any platform they are on.

The average consumer will either shop online or brick and mortar retail locations. Whether the consumer is seeking a dining experience, clothes shopping, professional services or even consultation services, the average individual will often seek out information on a company before embarking on an excursion to purchase from said company.

Let us take for example a consumer who is seeking the services of a window replacement contractor. The consumer has had a devastating experience, where his home had been broken into by dangerous burglars. Though he did not lose many of his possessions, he did come out of the entire situation with a broken front window. Despite being downtrodden by the entire series of events, he is in a rush to repair the window both for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Where should he turn in order to find a viable window replacement contractor? It wasn't too long ago where the average individual would seek out services by scrolling through the yellow pages, but those days are long gone. It is now common sense that when seeking out professional services, one must go to the internet. This means a consumer needs to be able to find your business  across the internet on any website or platform wherever they might end up.

Local directories are simply directories of business information and contacts that can be found via searching the world wide Web. There are over 150 different local directories to be found on the web, including Yelp, Google, Apple Maps, and Bing.

Yext Local Business Citations

Why We Prefer Yext

Just because we prefer Yext for our online business listings, doesn't mean everyone has to use them. There are plenty of other options for your business citations including Bright Local and Moz, which will even allow you to check you business listings to see if they are currently published and active before using their service.

We prefer to use Yext for our local business listings because you don't have to pay for each listing individually, you get real-time updates and it removes the duplicates all for one price. There are a few of our top reasons we use Yext, but in all honesty, the #1 reason we prefer to use Yext is because they integrate directly into our CRM and gave us an amazing rate to pass on to our clients. You now only have to pay $50/month to add your Yext local business listings to your subscription to our Pandarus CRM. 

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