7 Reasons Your Business Needs All-In-One Sales and Marketing Software

Sales and marketing are two different parts of a business, which is why they often tend to be compartmentalized and kept separate. Are you following this approach, too? What if we told you that you are making a big mistake?

While we agree that sales and marketing are, of course, not the same thing, it's important to understand that, in order for both aspects to be successful, they need to work in harmony. How can you achieve this?

With all-in-one sales and marketing software. At Pandarus, we have taken marketing automation to the next level and created a future-ready CRM solution that can unify your sales and marketing operations and boost their effectiveness.

Want to know why your business needs this tool? We've rounded up seven great reasons. Let's dive in.

1. More Efficiency

Let's kick off with one of the most interesting benefits of a tool like Pandarus marketing software: enhanced efficiency.

All-in-one CRM platforms for sales and marketing, in fact, leverage marketing automation to enable you to complete many tasks automatically.

This, in turn, helps both your sales and marketing teams slash the time they normally spend on manual tasks.

2. Better Customer Experience 

With a product like Pandarus CRM, you will also be able to create an awesome customer experience (CX). How important is this, you might wonder?

Well, right now, customer experience is a key driver in customer purchases. Yes, even more than the price and quality of a product itself. 

Bottom line: if you want to sell more, you need to impress your customers more. And what better way to achieve this than by focusing on building an online browsing and shopping experience that makes them feel like the stars of the show?

With an all-in-one CRM software, you can do exactly that. Again thanks to the automation of many tasks (and other features that we are about to reveal), your teams will be able to focus on your customers and deliver stellar, bespoke online experiences.

3. More Solid Customer Relationships

This benefit is, of course, a consequence of the great customer experience that you are now providing thanks to your new CRM. But how does a unified CRM help, in practice?

With this type of product, you can gather, store, and analyze data about every customer (and new leads, too). This, in turn, helps your sales and marketing team to address your customers in a more personal way, which translates into hyper-customized customer journeys.

The result? Your customers feel valued, important, and well looked after, and they are more likely to turn into brand advocates and continue choosing you over your competitors.

4. Aligned Sales and Marketing Operations

In terms of operations, using a unified CRM helps to centralize and optimize both your sales and marketing processes.

Think about it: both your teams are working with the same tool, which means they have to communicate and collaborate more closely. They are also looking at the same data, which allows them to sync important processes including lead generation and sales funnel operations.

And, because historically salespeople tend to be quite reluctant when it comes to using a CRM, the adoption of a unified product can help drive their usability and familiarity with the tool.

5. Mobile Friendliness

This is another crucial aspect of a unified CRM product like Pandarus.

Picture this scenario. One of your salespeople is out on a sales call and trying to get clearer information on the potential customer they want to sell to.

They are sitting in their car, and have no way of connecting to their sales database that sits back in the office. Panic: how are they going to successfully close the sale? Hint: they probably won't.

And that's where a SaaS, unified CRM platform comes in. With a cloud-based solution, your sales and marketing people can have quick, easy, and secure access to all the data they need right from their mobile device.

This means that, wherever they are, and whenever they need to, they can view the information they are looking for in just a few taps.

6. Cost-Efficiency and Simplicity

Guess what? Using a unified solution for both your sales and marketing operations can help you save money, time, and frustration. 

Think about it. You will only have to deal with one vendor, like Pandarus for example, instead of buying, installing, and learning to use many different platforms.

And because your teams have all the data they need at hand, they don't have to switch applications all the time, saving hours of work every week.

A unified CRM solution like the product offered by Pandarus also helps you to receive constant, high-quality support, as well as a dedicated account manager who knows you and is always ready to help.

7. More Effective Decision-Making

By using a unified CRM, your sales and marketing teams can collect data that refers to as many measurable metrics as you wish. In fact, you choose which key performance indicators (KPIs) you want your teams to focus on, and your CRM will automatically gather the relevant information.

Once your teams have that information available, they can begin to shape and develop more meaningful and profitable business decisions. From making the next email marketing campaign a success, to closing a particularly complex sale deal, your unified CRM is a key element in your sales and marketing strategy.

All-in-One Sales and Marketing Software: Take Your Business to New Heights

If you are serious about growing your business in ways that are efficient, financially convenient, and sustainable, then an all-in-one sales and marketing software can help.

Leveraging this type of software generates lots of benefits, including better CX, more meaningful decision-making, and cost-effectiveness.

Are you ready to take the next step and incorporate this tool into your digital marketing strategy? Contact us or check out Pandarus marketing software now!

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